JDI Research Newsletter (September)

September = busy busy busy at JDI Research!

Not only does JDI Research facilitate live video streaming, focus vision, digital uploads and recruitment for focus groups but we offer a host of support  services to ease the stress from our client’s shoulders.

On our list of recommended and preferred suppliers, JDI Research is able to offer moderators who will facilitate and moderate your focus groups and  interviews. We offer translators both Vernacular to English and Afrikaans to English but that will not stop us from sourcing – we can provide a French translator for instance if you have clients streaming groups in France! Then there’s transcribers who will verbatim transcribe the audio from focus groups to a typed text document. We have our own template for this service but our transcribing team is able to work in any template provided by a client. Our transcribers are also able to work with Vernacular transcribing to English,  Afrikaans to English or Afrikaans to Afrikaans and finally we also work in Standard English transcripts. Much the same as transcribing are our note  takers, however notes are not verbatim as these are taken while the group
or interview is happening live. Notes capture the important points and essence of the group or interview. These, while not as detailed as a transcript, still give valuable feedback and is available to the client within 24 hours rather than after three working days.

We at JDI Research not only believe in quality service with quality suppliers but we also believe in comfort. This is why we also employ the services of not one but two professional caterers. Our caterers cook and prepare meals per project and to client specification, ensuring both clients and respondents are well fed.

We are all here for Research but we all know that a well fed client is a happy  client! When ordering our catering a selection of beverages are included in the  package – be it an ice cold Pepsi or a hot cup of tea – so everyone stays  nourished and refreshed for the important tasks ahead.


We asked some of our suppliers to send some interesting and fun facts about  their relevant fields and this is what they had to say:

“The amount of ‘ums, ers and likes’ etcetera you hear in an interview exceeds  the proper use of the English Language. Luckily emoji’s can’t be spoken” – Tracey

“Verbatim Transcribing because we make sure every single word is  transcribed, a transcript can average between 80 and 110 pages in length for a 2 hour transcript” – Suzanne

“We speak 7 times faster than we write and 4 times faster than we type.” – Michele

“The average person, under normal circumstances, speaks between 145 and  160 words per minute. Therefore on average a 2 hour audio contains between  17400 and 19200 words per person!” – Michele

“Often after a long day of 3 or 4 groups moderating, I tell my family I have  used up my quota of words for the day and cannot talk anymore” – Laurette

“In the past, typists used 2 finger s to type on a computer and 40 words per  minute was considered to be fast. Today a fast transcriber types 60 to 80  words per minute. This is double what was considered fast a decade ago.” – Khanyisile

“Don’t find twenty reasons why it shouldn’t be done. Find the one reason it should and then do it.”
Diane & Layne

Looking after the community

We at JDI Research and the LAD Foundation strongly believe in giving back to the community. Our clients and suppliers will often see us involved in various  drives to support our local community. We have just TWO WEEKS left to  collect for our current drive and we implore all to get involved. We have  approached Tara Children’s Clinic with an offer to collect much needed toys  and stationary for the Child Clinics. Tara is a government funded facility and  there is not much budget for toys needed for play therapy. Tara relies on  donated toys and many of these at the facility are old and damaged from  frequent use. Sadly toys cannot be easily replaced. Items desperately needed are:

Stationery: Assorted Paper: A3 White, A4 White and Colour, Acrylic Paints,  Water Based Paints, Erasers, Sharpeners, Pencil Crayons, Koki Pens, Glitter  Glue, Glue Sticks, Paint Brushes, Star Stickers

Toys: Compendium of Games (Single Box of board games containing Snakes  and Ladders, Checkers, Ludo etc), Sylvanian Families (Forrest Creatures),  Doll House, Doll House Furniture, Toy Telephones, Play Swords, Army Men,  Small Cars, Magic Wands, Action Figures, Baby Doll Clothes, Loom Bands,  Dress Up Clothing, Black Baby Dolls, Large Teddy Bear, Medium sized Aprons  for painting, Hand Puppets

Larger Items: Weighted Blankets, Carpets/mats for children to sit on, Yoga Mats, Bean Bags to sit on for Play Therapy Rooms, Story audio CD’s  (Children’s Books on tape), Clear Plastic Containers for equipment storage


Please contact Felicity at JDI Research if you would like to make a donation. felicity@j.elasticdigital.co.za or 011 788 4210 Thank you in advance for your time in listening to our cause and for any generous donation you wish to make made.

Our team at JDI Research and RRS want to thank all clients for the work we  have done together so far this year and as we move into the second half of the  year we look forward to maintaining and growing these relationships as well as  developing new ones.


JDI Research Newsletter (September)