JDI Research Newsletter (August)

August was even busier at JDI Research!

Live Video Streaming

In a world where time is money and information is available at one’s fingertips, Live Video Streaming seems the logical choice when looking at options on how to view Focus Groups. Considering a large number of our clients and our client’s clients are not based in Johannesburg, the need to constantly travel to view Focus Groups has always been a costly necessity. The alternative is to record the groups and then wait on couriers to deliver the DVD’s around the world which uses valuable time in the analysis process. Live Video Streaming offers a convenient and time saving platform to facilitate the viewing of Focus Groups from the comfort of one’s home or office anywhere in the world. Given the expense of flights, accommodation, hired transport and living expenses not to mention the stress of valuable time away from the office; Live Video Streaming is the answer to many logistical issues.

JDI Research not only offers Focus Vision as a streaming option to clients but also our own in-house Live Video Streaming option. This service is run through our Website on our password protected Streaming page. We employ an on-site Technician to be present at the venue for the duration of streamed projects to ensure as little “down time” as possible in the event of unforeseen technical difficulties. Clients who book the Streaming Service with us are able to view groups in real time and chat to their South African / Johannesburg based counter parts using the chat function as insights are given by respondents. No travel, no stress and no inconvenience of being away from home or the office.

It truly is amazing what the digital age has to offer us and with JDI Research’s Live Video Streaming we can connect Johannesburg’s Consumers with clients not only around the country but the world!

Looking after those in need:

thumb1    thumb2We at JDI Research and the LAD Foundation strongly believe in giving back to the community.

Our clients and supplier s will often see us involved in various drives to support our local community. This month and the next two months to follow are no different.

We have approached Tara Children’s Clinic with an offer to collect much needed toys and stationary for the Child Clinics. Tara is a government funded facility and there is not much budget for toys needed f or play therapy. Tara relies on donated toys and many of these at the facility are old and damaged from frequent use. Sadly toys cannot be easily replaced. Over the next few months JDI Research and The LAD Foundation have pledged to collect toys and stationary to donate to the Children’s Clinics giving the Child Psychologists the much needed tools for play therapy.

If this is a cause that you would like to get involved in by making a donation or putting us in touch with the right people who can help; then please do not hesitate to contact Felicity our PR Manager on 011 788 4210 or felicity@j.elasticdigital.co.za

“Embrace the chaos and the change,
you will grow & find your rightful
place in the universe.”
– Diane & Layne


Our team at JDI Research and RRS want to thank all clients for the work we have done together so far this year and as we move in to the second half of the year we look forward to maintaining and growing these relationships as well as developing new ones.

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JDI Research Newsletter (August)